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MOGware FileHamster 1.7

Restoring an old backup copy just isn't enough anymore!
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MOGware FileHamster is a nice back-up utility for Windows. Unlike other similar applications, MOGware FileHamster can work unattended if you configure it correctly. The application is really simple and you should get it going in less than 5 minutes. If you usually backup certain files or folders, you can get FileHamster to monitor those files for changes. Every single time that a change is made to the file, FileHamster can create a copy of that file and save it somewhere you want. Thus, that file will have several different versions stored and you can go back to any of those versions at any given point in your work day. You can even add notes after every change so that the application can add those to the restore point. That way, you will know which file you need when you go look for it. This is what is called an incremental backup approach. You might get thousands of file versions over the days, but you can rest assured that the file will be there for you when you make some mistakes that can't be fixed with an Undo. If the application had a better GUI (maybe something like Time Machine) it would definitely be great. The latest version of this applications is However, this review deals with 1.6.

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